Multichain Capabilities

Ethereum Built With Multichain Capabilities

To ensure that Juice reaches the largest possible audience, we have decided to launch it on the Ethereum blockchain, as it is currently the most widely used blockchain network in the world. By doing so, we can conveniently onboard players into our ecosystem and provide them with access to the various gaming features that Juice offers.

However, we understand that there are several other blockchain networks that are gaining popularity, and we do not want to limit ourselves to just one blockchain. As a result, we have designed Juice with the capability of easily integrating with other blockchain networks. This will allow us to become a multichain platform, expanding our user base and offering more flexibility to our players.

Being multichain is essential to us because it enables us to support different types of cryptocurrencies, which gives our players greater flexibility in how they choose to engage with the platform. Furthermore, it enables us to offer more competitive pricing, faster transaction times, and more efficient transactions, which are all critical components of any iGaming platform. We believe that by becoming multichain, we can enhance our players' experiences and continue to provide them with a cutting-edge gaming platform that meets their needs.

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