Juice Token (JCE)

The Juice platforms native token will hold a vast amount of utilities which not only will encourage users to use JCE to purchase CHIPS but also will encourage them to receive rewards in the native platform token.

  • Rakebacks: Token holders will receive rakebacks based on their platform usage, which will be distributed in the form of Juice. Those staking JCE will receive more rakebacks than those not, providing a powerful incentive to hold and use JCE on the platform.

  • Bonuses: Users who participate in the platform using JCE will receive a 15% bonus on their deposited amount.

  • Token Lottery: The platform will hold a random token lottery, where one JCE token holder will be selected at random to receive a prize. This lottery adds an element of excitement and unpredictability to the platform, providing another incentive for users to hold JCE and participate in the platform.

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